Illustration, Logo and Graphic Design.

Projects For Life -- 2021

Projects For Life is an online independent platform connecting citizens with agencies (charities, companies or government based).

It helps fight efficiently social, economic or environmental issues with active structure near you.

I directed, edited and animated this short promotional video.

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Les Pieds sur Terre -- 2021

Adrien and Cindy Gantier are 2 thirty years old people dreaming of opening a Bed&Breakfast/farm.

Together, they spent years working on this project but were lacking of a logo representing their future brand.

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Ca roule de source -- 2021

Comp 1_1.mp4

Ca Roule de Source is an expedition along the Mediterranean sea, from Montpellier (France) to Split (Croatia). Partly along the cycling path "Eurovelo 8", Solene and her bike Pepito grab their camera, a notepad and a pen in order to collect first-person accounts about the Human impact on the coastlines.

In 2020, she rode 2400km and interviewed major player in the environmental protect.

I helped her make an animated map which shows her itinerary.

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Ecolo Trotters Logo -- 2021

The Ecolo Trotters project is a 12 months long expedition across 12 countries in Asia and Oceania.

This project is first of all an exploration journey to meet and communicate around other cultures and traditions.

This touristic project bears environmental responsibilities: the Ecolo Trotters team is travelling using soft mobility and some time is allocated to join eco-volunteering missions.

Projet Azur Logo -- 2020

Projet Azur is a french organisation which joins Adventure and Ecology.

In summer 2020, founder Anaelle Marot and her team organized beach cleanup events along the Mediterranean sea. To go from one litter picking to another, she rode / kayaked 1000 km.

In 2021, Anaelle is joined by a new adventurer Solene who is going to take over the Mediterranean challenge while she take care cleaning up of the Loire river.

She needed me to work on new Colours for the organisation old logo.

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Soft Audrey Logo -- 2020

Audrey Caspar, a young woman who grew up knitting, decided to start selling her knitting pattern online.

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Crowdfunding image for Wings of Change (XR) -- 2020

I volunteered to help Wings of change raise enough money to organize an event about Racial justice and Climate change.

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A FOX TALE 2011 - Concept art for my graduation film at SUPINFOCOM ( Now Rubika)





SEEDS - Concepts for Guillaume Fradin's film

FEVER 2010