Beach Cleanup

During the summer holiday 2019, I challenge myself with Beach Cleanup for the first time. While I was going on the beach for leisure in Corsica, I started to wander on the burning sand picking up rubbish here and there. I wanted to see how long it would take me to fill up a 50L bag.

The answer is bad as you may guess, as I repeated every day the cleanup on different beaches which would take me normally between 25 min to an hour.

I have mainly focused on cleaning up the sandy side but had eventually to start doing it in the water too. One of the beach of the south east coast of Corsica , which use to be so beautiful, was now particularly polluted and most tourists from around Europe did not seem to mind swimming among small bit of plastic.

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august 2019

I took part in Alaister Cross' PicupLondon project in September 2019:

Over a year, he gathered 2000+ pictures of rubbish on the streets. He then used a clever installations in order to start a conversation with people in the street.

I helped with brainstorming ideas about how to show the art piece to the world and then help communicating information to the public during the ChanceryLane Lunch Time Street project days.

Also, PicupForLondon is partner with the Litterati app who basically uploads people's pictures of rubbish on a world map and fights plastic pollution.

Please check out the links below:

september 2019