A Fox Tale (2011)

Over the year 2011, I took part of a 4 students film for my graduation at SUPINFOCOM ( now RUBIKA ) in France. The original idea was brought in by Chao Ma, a fellow student from China. I was involved in Brainstorming and Researching Ideas for the film, working on Edit and 3d animatics, then was in charge of the Fox model, texturing and fur before focusing on what became my specialty: the EFFECTS.

Rubika (2010)

In 2010, the school SUPINFOCOM Arles partnered up with the TV channel Canal + , and produced films mixing the universe of a well known 2d illustrator with a team of 8 students which would work on the adaption to 3d over 2 months

I was involved in directing and doing secondary animation for RUBIKA (idea from Guillaume Plantevin) .